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The content on this website is authored by Mike, with the assistance of AI tools for editing. While AI aids in refining the text, all ideas, topics, and content originate from the author.

Password Change Notification Script

Password change notification Version 1.4Recently I found myself in need of a password change notification script. What do all efficient/lazy administrators do when they need a script for any purpose? Right, I searched one online, downloaded it, checked it, suppressed any desire to fiddle with it and then scheduled it to run. For those interested, I used the script provided by Robert Pearman over at the Technet Gallery. For Office365 compatibility check his post here…

Custom Domain Names With Azurewebsites

Custom Domain names Azure WebsitesI’ve only recently set up this blog and since it’s always busy at work, I don’t always have the time to sort out those ’nice to haves’. I’m hosting this blog using AzureWebsites, but obviously I use my own domain name. My pain? For the life of me I couldn’t figure out the magic rule to rewrite my x.azurewebsites.net url to the proper ‘bearman.nl’ hostname I’m using now.

SfB HA SQL DAG Configuration

Skype for Business: High Availability SQL Database Availability Group Configuration One of those silly mistakes…I’ve recently installed and configured a new Skype for Business landscape at my company. While implementing this I made one of those silly mistakes that cause you to spend hours looking for a solution… which is in fact one simple undocumented configuration setting. For our SfB configuration we use a high availability SQL cluster and we’ve also set up a Database Availability Group, or DAG.